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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Land ownership & property

We have only just started to develop this section. Feel free to add information or memories.

The 1931 map of Chandler's Ford shows a number of large houses including:

King's Court
Lodge (opposite)
The Hayes
Oakwood Lodge
Garth House
The Mount
Cypress (see below)

Notes on the History of Brownhill Estate and in particular Cypress, 77 Brownhill Road, Chandler's Ford, Vicarage from 1922-1956

The top of Brownhill Road was previously called “Pine Hill Clump”.

There were gravel pits on nearby ground.

29/3/1893 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.
16/9/1893 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.
30/5/1894 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.
29/10/1894 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Joseph Ridley Shield and John Coleridge Mackarness.
17/9/1895 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Joseph Ridley Shield and John Coleridge Mackarness.
29/8/1896 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.

9/10/1896 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Frederick Holder (mortgagee). £2,100 agreed for sale of land 243’ X 684’ on Brownhill Road in the parish of Hursley in the County of Southampton, bounded on the north by other land belonging to the vendor, and on the east by land leased to Albert Edwin Wickham, and on the west by a stream.

5/12/1899 Conveyance of land. Frederick Holder, Gentleman, (the mortgagee) & Mary Eleanor Wallis, wife of William Lodge Wallis, surveyor, (the vendor) of Kingscourt, Chandlersford & George Ayling Barnard, architect and surveyor of Winchester (the purchaser).

Purchaser should spend at least £450 on each house behind the building line 30ft from Brownhill Road. Provision made for entrance lodges or gardeners’ cottages in front of building line. Mustn’t be used for a hospital, theatre or like place of public resort, or for a lunatic asylum or for a public house bar, shop or hotel or for the sale of any beer spirits or other intoxicating liquors, or for any other purpose other than that of a private or professional residence.

Fence 25ft west of the gravel excavation. Good and substantial 4’ fences on all sides on parcel of land. (Mr Greene’s land opposite.)

6/12/1899 George Aylard Barnard (mortgager) & Jacob Pitt (mortgagee) £1,437/1/3p (in part payment) for land.

The land was divided into building plots and offered for sale at auction – only a few sold (leasehold) No 16 for £125.

In the prospectus the area was described as, “A beautifully wooded portion of the above property , situate on high ground, with Sand and Gravel subsoils, frontages to Brownhill and Valley roads, and offering many of the advantages of the Bournemouth district as a health resort”

Some of the houses were built speculatively for letting.

23/3/1901 start of 999 lease at yearly rent of £7 payable half yearly.

25/7/1902 Plot 16 Brownhill Road (already shorter than plot 15), Land on Land on north and west owned by George Barnard, and on east by Mary Bailey Mager

James Fitt (mortgagee) & George Ayling Barnard, architect & surveyor (lessor) & Levi Lawford Hammerton (builder) re monies expended and to b expended in building a dwelling house by the lessee. Property must be insured against fire. House now in course of erection must be completed by 24/6/1902. Must keep property in good repair and paint with two coats of good oil paint in a workman-like manner in every third year all outside wood iron and other work previously or usually painted or which ought ot be painted and will in like manner wash or colour all the ceilings and other parts of the said dwelling house ….

26/7/1902 Levi Lawford Hammerton (mortgagor) & Ann Elizabeth Read, spinster (mortgagee) (Jacob Fitt, George Ayling Barnard + mortgagor. Payment £600.

1906 Ann Elizabeth died on 3/3/1906.

and Edwin Bullions Moody.???)

1/8/1911 Indenture between Arthur Charlton Jonas &?Helicent May Kingham re. land frontage of 50ft and depth of 195ft, bounded on north by land then or late of George Ayling Barnard, on east by property occupied by Captain Hilliard, and on west by property occupied by James b. Kingham.

Rev Rene Piersenne appointed in 1910. Margot Hegan says he lived in semi detached house at top of King’s Road.

Church commission bought and improved “The Cypress” Brownhill Road in 1922. Improvements costed at £370. (eg thickening the walls of the coal cellar putting up a chestnut fence ( provided posts are of oak or chestnut).

*Remained in the ownership of the Church Commission until 1956 (Rev John Percy then Reverend Harold Fryer) when the vicarage was moved to nearer the church, and 77 was bought by Ernest Smith, a retired methodist minister for £2,250 leasehold, and was later divided into flats.

In 1970’s it was bought for £7,600 and over time reconverted to a house. It was sold again in 1991 for £180,000.

There are still Scots pine and silver birches. It is evident that development took place over many years so there are old and more modern houses interspersed


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