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"If my memory serves me correctly ......." Welcome to our Chandler's Ford Local History Blog. Our aim is to collect and record memories of Chandler's Ford, in Hampshire, and make them available to all. We shall also share old reports, maps and photographs where there is no copyright problem. Do help us by adding your photos and memories. Even if you can't quite remember what happened, write your version of events and encourage others to add theirs. Look forward to hearing from you. Chris

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Maps & plans

Can you add any maps, plans or aerial photos of Chandler's Ford?

CFord 1931 Courtesy of Ordnance Survey. Coloured to show developed areas by Dereck

Photos with date and title

We'd love to be able to illustrate this site with photos. Do send us some that we can use. If you want us to show the name of the photo owner we'd be happy to do so.

Land ownership & property

We have only just started to develop this section. Feel free to add information or memories.

The 1931 map of Chandler's Ford shows a number of large houses including:

King's Court
Lodge (opposite)
The Hayes
Oakwood Lodge
Garth House
The Mount
Cypress (see below)

Notes on the History of Brownhill Estate and in particular Cypress, 77 Brownhill Road, Chandler's Ford, Vicarage from 1922-1956

The top of Brownhill Road was previously called “Pine Hill Clump”.

There were gravel pits on nearby ground.

29/3/1893 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.
16/9/1893 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.
30/5/1894 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.
29/10/1894 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Joseph Ridley Shield and John Coleridge Mackarness.
17/9/1895 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Joseph Ridley Shield and John Coleridge Mackarness.
29/8/1896 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Harry Weller Richards.

9/10/1896 Indenture between Mary Wallis and Frederick Holder (mortgagee). £2,100 agreed for sale of land 243’ X 684’ on Brownhill Road in the parish of Hursley in the County of Southampton, bounded on the north by other land belonging to the vendor, and on the east by land leased to Albert Edwin Wickham, and on the west by a stream.

5/12/1899 Conveyance of land. Frederick Holder, Gentleman, (the mortgagee) & Mary Eleanor Wallis, wife of William Lodge Wallis, surveyor, (the vendor) of Kingscourt, Chandlersford & George Ayling Barnard, architect and surveyor of Winchester (the purchaser).

Purchaser should spend at least £450 on each house behind the building line 30ft from Brownhill Road. Provision made for entrance lodges or gardeners’ cottages in front of building line. Mustn’t be used for a hospital, theatre or like place of public resort, or for a lunatic asylum or for a public house bar, shop or hotel or for the sale of any beer spirits or other intoxicating liquors, or for any other purpose other than that of a private or professional residence.

Fence 25ft west of the gravel excavation. Good and substantial 4’ fences on all sides on parcel of land. (Mr Greene’s land opposite.)

6/12/1899 George Aylard Barnard (mortgager) & Jacob Pitt (mortgagee) £1,437/1/3p (in part payment) for land.

The land was divided into building plots and offered for sale at auction – only a few sold (leasehold) No 16 for £125.

In the prospectus the area was described as, “A beautifully wooded portion of the above property , situate on high ground, with Sand and Gravel subsoils, frontages to Brownhill and Valley roads, and offering many of the advantages of the Bournemouth district as a health resort”

Some of the houses were built speculatively for letting.

23/3/1901 start of 999 lease at yearly rent of £7 payable half yearly.

25/7/1902 Plot 16 Brownhill Road (already shorter than plot 15), Land on Land on north and west owned by George Barnard, and on east by Mary Bailey Mager

James Fitt (mortgagee) & George Ayling Barnard, architect & surveyor (lessor) & Levi Lawford Hammerton (builder) re monies expended and to b expended in building a dwelling house by the lessee. Property must be insured against fire. House now in course of erection must be completed by 24/6/1902. Must keep property in good repair and paint with two coats of good oil paint in a workman-like manner in every third year all outside wood iron and other work previously or usually painted or which ought ot be painted and will in like manner wash or colour all the ceilings and other parts of the said dwelling house ….

26/7/1902 Levi Lawford Hammerton (mortgagor) & Ann Elizabeth Read, spinster (mortgagee) (Jacob Fitt, George Ayling Barnard + mortgagor. Payment £600.

1906 Ann Elizabeth died on 3/3/1906.

and Edwin Bullions Moody.???)

1/8/1911 Indenture between Arthur Charlton Jonas &?Helicent May Kingham re. land frontage of 50ft and depth of 195ft, bounded on north by land then or late of George Ayling Barnard, on east by property occupied by Captain Hilliard, and on west by property occupied by James b. Kingham.

Rev Rene Piersenne appointed in 1910. Margot Hegan says he lived in semi detached house at top of King’s Road.

Church commission bought and improved “The Cypress” Brownhill Road in 1922. Improvements costed at £370. (eg thickening the walls of the coal cellar putting up a chestnut fence ( provided posts are of oak or chestnut).

*Remained in the ownership of the Church Commission until 1956 (Rev John Percy then Reverend Harold Fryer) when the vicarage was moved to nearer the church, and 77 was bought by Ernest Smith, a retired methodist minister for £2,250 leasehold, and was later divided into flats.

In 1970’s it was bought for £7,600 and over time reconverted to a house. It was sold again in 1991 for £180,000.

There are still Scots pine and silver birches. It is evident that development took place over many years so there are old and more modern houses interspersed

Farms, nurseries etc

We should be able to post information on farms in Chandler's Ford soon. In the meantime this is Dereck's plan of the farms during the 19th century.


Ford Farm Residents:
Archibald Fortune died 1909 aged 59
Mary Ellen Fortune died 1947 aged 92
Elizabeth Louise Fortune died 1952 aged 74
Archer Robert Urry Fortune died 1966 aged 76
Agnes Fanny Fortune died 1968 aged 78
Beatrice Janet Fortune dies in 1971 aged 86
Victoria Gertrude Olivia Fortune died aged 1973 aged 85
Captain Archibald Albert John Fortune died 1973 aged 82

Catharine Augusta Fortune (died1959 aged 79) and Marguerity Helena Fortune (died 1961 aged 77) lived at 115 Hursley Road.

(Source: Eastleigh BC Cemeteries Database)


The coming of the railway in 1847 was very important in the development of Chandler's Ford.

More to follow ...............

Hospitals and healthcare

The two main hospitals were Fryern Hospital, initially an isolation hospital for Eastleigh and Bishopstoke, and The Sanatorium, which later was built as a workhouse in 1900, and later became Leigh House, a hospital for young people with mental health difficulties.

There are Eastleigh and District Local History Society Publications on both of these, but do post your memories too.

CFord Schools

The first school in Chandler's Ford was held in an iron room, which doubled as a church. The first purpose built school was opened in 1893 in Bournemouth Road on the site of Selwoods. For more information see the book, "The Chandler's Ford Story" by Barbara Hillier and Gerald Ponting.

Merdon School was opened in 1956. See website for more information:

Sherbourne House School, an independent school, was opened in 1933. For more information about its history see the book: (1985) "Sherborne School - The first fifty years" by Dorothy Wise, who founded the school with her mother, Eva or visit:

It would be great if school children in Chandler's Ford would investigate the history of their school and add it to this site.

Chandler's Ford Dateline

1588 Hiltonbury Farm appears on the map.
1847 The Railway arrived with a halt at Chandler's Ford.
1860 Thomas Chamberlayne acquired the Manor situated in Cranbury Park, including the Chandler’s Ford area
and Northern part of Eastleigh.
1883-5 Horseracing in Chandler's Ford.
1841 Population 170
1870s One of the largest brickworks in England was established between the railway and Castle Lane. The brickworks produced the 35 million bricks used for the London Law Courts.
1883-5 Horse racing in Chandler's Ford (see EDLHS paper).
1889 The first contract for the Carriage and Wagon works at Eastleigh was drawn up.
1890s Portions of the vast Hursley estate owned since 1718 by the Heathcote family, were sold off. The Ford and Hiltingbury portion (Hiltingbury/Hocombe triange), was bought by estate developer, Wallis. Plans were made for the land to be divided up for development, with roads names.

1892 Mary Wallis bought Brownhill Estate from the trustees of the late William Heathcote of Hursley.
1894 King's Court built for the Wallis's.
1897 Chandler’s Ford was made into a separate civil parish.
1898 Station Hotel built.
1900 Hursley Union Workhouse built in Hiltingbury (1921 TB Sanatorium, later still Leigh House, demolished in ?2001 for housing).
1901 Population 1085
1902 New school built.
1906 Albert Dean started coal, coke, corn and seed merchants.
1910 Chandler's Ford became a separate ecclesiastical parish.
1912 Isolation Hospital built (see EDHHS paper).
1914 Richie Hall built in memory of Dr Richie.
1923 New bridge built across Leigh Road "splash" ie ford.
1931 Population 3,148
1932 By a local government act Hursley Rural District Council ceased to be a separate entity, its lack of industry having led to depopulation. Chandler’s Ford had been under this civic administration, but now became part of Eastleigh Municipality as Eastleigh Borough.
1944 10,000 troops based in Hiltingbury woods and along CFord roads for several months in preparation for the D-Day invasions.
1945 Polish Dependents camp set up. By 1967 many Polish immigrants were living on the Velmore Housing Estate.
Postwar Rapid housing development.
? date Central precint built.
1960s Fryern Archade and Safeway supermarket built.
1965 Beeching report led to the contraction of the railway works at Eastleigh. To offset this the Borough Council encouraged private enterprise to develop an industrial estate which was built on the disused brickfields in south Chandler’s Ford. This was being completed in 1967. (see press release entitled, “Loss of Craftsmen Threatened”).
1967 The Buchanan South Hampshire study recommended a Solent City, to Extend to and include Chandler’s Ford, but this didn’t happen.
1974 Carrefour built one of first hypermarkets in Britain in CFord (now Asda).
1977 Nuffield hospital opened.
1983 The Mall and library opened.
2005 Population of SO53 27,000
Please let us know if you can add to it or if there are any inaccuracies.
Sources: Dissertation by Patricia Coward nee Marshall (1967) & Barbara Hillier's books (see publications section).



Cox, Gordon (2005) Around Eastleigh, including Chandler's Ford, Bishopstoke and Botley, Francis Frith Collection, ISBN 1 84589 053 1.

Fortune, Archibald (1971) Chandler's Ford 1985-1969

Hillier, Barbara (1994) Chandler's Ford: A Pictorial History, Phillimore, ISBN 0 85033 896 4.

Hillier, Barbara & Ponting, Gerald (2005) The Chandler's Ford Story, from earliest times to the 21st Century, Millers Dale Publications, ISBN 0 9517423 7 X.

New, Peter (1975) Rambling Round Eastleigh and District,

Sobieraj, Marian (2005) The Story of the Polish Dependants' Hostel, Hiltingbury 1946-1957, Polish Club, Southampton, Hampshire, ISBN 83 60140 70 7.

See books on churches, schools etc under relevant section.
Can you add any more?


A number of papers have been published by Eastleigh and District Local History Society.

(list to follow)

Can you add any more?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Social Clubs and Groups

The Chandler's Ford Boys' Brigade Band was formed in 1961. To read its history see:

Do you know more about the history of the Boys' Brigade Band?
Could you tell us about the history of other social clubs and groups in Chandler's Ford?

Early CFord Residents

Olaus Magnus Friedrich Erdmann Henrici, born in 1840 in Holstein, now Germany, became a professor of mathematics at Bedford College for Women in 1869 and later professor of applied mathematics and mechanics at University College, London. In 1884 he took up the chair of mechanics and mathematics at the new Central Technical College, later Imperial College. He died in Chandler's Ford on 10th August 1918.

To read more about him see the website below:

(A search of the cemeteries database suggests that he lived at Hiltingbury Lodge, whilst Helen Stobart Henrici lived at Ching Coattage, Valley Road when she died in 1927.)

Where are/were Hiltingbury Lodge and Ching Cottage?
Do you have information about or photos of any other early Chandler's Ford residents?

History of Businesses

Frederick Hendy started a bicycle and outdoor clothing shop in Whitchurch in 1859, which expanded into Southampton shortly afterwards. His son Percy signed a dealership agreement with Henry Ford in 1910 and by WW2 they had a number of premises, including an agricultural supply and repair department in Chandler's Ford. This was commissioned during WW2 for the assembly of the Spitfire, prior to final assembly at Eastleigh airport. For more information about the hisotry of Hendy Ford see:

Selwood came to Chandler's Ford in 1947. To find out about the history of Selwood see their website:

Peter Green established his furniture business in 1956. See the heritage page of their website for more info:

Draper Tools came to Chandler's Ford in 1963. To find out about the history of Draper tools see their website:

B&Q was set up by Richard Block and David Quayle in 1969. The first store was in Portswood, Southampton. Their headquarters is now in Chandler's Ford. For more information see:

Curtis Bros (Bathrooms) started up in Chandler's Ford in 1979. We've asked them if they'll give us more information about their history.

Can you add to the histories given on the websites? Can you tell us about any other businesses that operated in Chandler's Ford: the brickworks, Hillier's Nursery, the laundries etc?

CFord Churches

St Boniface Church was dedicated in 1904 and St Martin's in 1960. For information on the history of these churches see the website below:

There are books on several of the churches in Chandler's Ford:

Methodist Church

Hillier, Barbara (1999) From Brownhill to Dovetail - 100 years of Methodism in Chandler's Ford, Ch Ford Methodist Church

Can you tell us more about the history of the other churches and religious groups in Chandler's Ford?

WW2 Incident Map of Chandler's Ford

< Courtesy of Gordon Cox, Eastleigh and District Local History Society

We think the green spots indicated high explosive bombs and the tiny red aeroplanes doodle bugs. Let us know if you have any further information on this.

WW2 in Chandler's Ford

WW2 Incidents in Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford

Sources of information: Hampshire Incident Book; Diaries of Norman Norris (copies of which are held in the County Records Office in Winchester)

16/5/40 Several rounds of anti-aircraft fire at enemy plane 1.40 -2am.

13/8/40 Dormer crashed off Baddesley Road, CFord, just outside Eastleigh District.

13/8/40 Air raid over Southampton and Eastleigh. 22 planes brought down in area of raid. German pilot parachuted into Cranbury Park. Duration of raid 3.50-5.15pm.

15/8/40 (Time of original report 20.02h.) British plane crashed 7 air force bodies discovered. 1 woman. 1 house completely demolished and 2 damaged.

21.45 Nine bodies recovered. Mr & Mrs Craig still to be recovered.

06.48 All bodies recovered.

A Hudson aeroplane returning to base with pilots who had ferried planes to Eastleigh airport, struck a barrage balloon cable on take-off – the aircraft left the runway as the air raid alarm sounded – and crashed into a pair of council owned houses in Nutbeem Road, killing the occupants, Mr and Mrs Tom Craig, friends of ours along with the plane’s nine occupants.

22/8/40 Police report bomb fell at airport xd.xc

11/9/40 HE Bombs on Cunliffe Owen’s new factory at Soton Aerodrome. HMS Raven requested ambulance from Eastleigh to take casualties to hospital. (Incident took place in Soton Control.)

15 Sept 1940 Heavy ack-ack fire after tea. I saw nine enemy planes.

24/9/40 Raid by German planes on Vickers Supermarine works at Woolston. From steps of oil filled cable section of Messers Pirelli’s I counted 12 raiders. Many killed in target area.

1/10/40 UXBs

Pirelli cable works. 3 HE dropped on canteen. Canteen demolished. Effect on production negligible. 2 slight casualties. (Mutual support requested.)

3 Ju 88 flew low over town bombing and machine gunning. Bomb on shed of railway caused 4 casualties and 4 killed 2 slightly wounded.

Bomb on co-operative store caused fires – extinguished.

8UXB in thickly populated area. 15 suspected UXB of which 7 known at airport.

Total casualties 2 male killed 2 male and 1 female (WRNS) seriously and 12 male and 2 female slightly wounded.

8/10/40 Bombs dropped Market and High Street Market street 133, 135, 166, 180 &194 & Green’s and 60 & Stubbington, High Street and 8 Grantham Road.
UXB Desborough Road.

This evening I saw two enemy planes, flying low and roughly following Boyatt Lane from Otterbourne to Eastleigh. The markings on the plane were clearly seen, as also were the red flashes from their machine guns. In the gathering dusk the planes swept over the town dropping many small bombs on Pirelli’s, the Co-op, Market Street and the Running sheds. However, almost all failed to explode. One of these crashed onto the canteen at Pirelli’s. Fortunately the Pirelli’s Rescue Squad were in another part of the canteen on an exercise and so escaped injury.

9/10/40 Further report of two RAF personnel killed and 4 injured. 3UXB railway running shed. 19 at airport 1UXB Market Street.
Total UXB confirmed as 30 I Eastleigh
7 in Bov Rem
3 at railway
19 at airport. 1 at 174 Market Street (1 couldn’t be treated.)

30/10/40 Today, in driving rain and low cloud, from 12.40 – 2.45pm German Messershmit fighters operated in small numbers. Harry, May and I, cycling to work along the Twyford Road, were suddenly surprised to see one of these planes come out of the clouds and roar low over us.

1/11/40 CFord 1 HE in Southern portion of CFord. No damage or casualties.

19/11/40 Eastleigh 1UX mine A1 within 80y of S Ry in thickly populated area.

1 parachute mine (suspected magnetic) in thickly populated area Twyford Road. People evacuated. Returned by next evening.

19/11/40 Houses evacuated opposite Bazeley’s Nurseries in Twyford Road owing to suspected land mine having been dropped in nurseries. Other land mines were dropped around Eastleigh today. Dropped by parachute the mines looked awe-inspiring. They reminded me of the large round pillar boxes one sees in the streets.

22/11/40 CFord 1 HE + ?3 suspected UXB (not found) at Hiltingbury Common.

23/11/40 20 bombs in Eastleigh (in 10V/E)
2 UXB at Sewage Farm Cottages + ? 4 others.
2 HE on RNA station. No damage or casualties.
1 Open Countryside
1 UXB on admiralty ground

24/11/40 Sewage Farm Eastleigh 4 UXB None disposed of. In deep marshy water of Sewage farm.

24/11/40 CFord
1 bomb expl Shaftesbury Ave
1 in Hursley Road No casualties.
Unknown no of UXB on Eastleigh Airport. Eastleigh 1 FAP, 1 Amb, 1 large trailer pump unit to Soton.

30/11/40 (Soton via CFord) Heavy attack from enemy developing. Rescue from Winchester C & RA, Basingstoke, New Forest, Aldershot + lorries. Eastleigh: 2 rescue parties, 4 FAP, 4AMP 1X2ton lorry 3X4ton lorries. 1 large motor pump. (Unable to obtain further lorries.)

1/12/40 Failure of electricity supply Compton, Twyford and Shawford affected, which have no sirens.

1/12/40 Soton (Control via CFord

Raid continued. Laster 4 ½ hours. No reports received about number of homeless – may be very high. Request reception centres be opened and ready to receive up to 2000. County PAO requested to visit Soton Centre with full particulars before 1002.

Mr Carter Cont Wkr and Police informed 23/40. Not very serious view taken by Mr Carter who has matters in hand.

23.03 Fire situation very serious and personnel exhausted.

Fires at Thornycrofts and Supermarine – later hit by HE. Many other HC, Suggest 6RP and 2FAP 6 ambulance be dispatched to ………… No 3 as a precaution.

Parties dispatched from Aldershot and Surrey via ? Farnham

21.45 1 large fire pump 2 RP 4 amb

4FAP have returned from Soton 2 relief amb and 1 relief FAP have been dispatched.

2/12/1940 $ HE in open country, Eastleigh

9/1/41 Bomb dropped. Late evening
To hosp – Miss Bamforth and Mrs Burgh 54 Chamberlayne Road and Mr Johnson 55 Chamberlayne Road
Treated at First Aid post Mrs Bullard (54 Chamberlayne and Mrs Snooker 57 Cranbury Road)
5 houses badly damaged, 5 or 6 other slightly.

Later Mrs Hiscock of 55 reported missing.
Later still Mrs Hiscock aged 78 fatal casualty.

18/1/41 HE Bomb in Eastleigh area

20/1/41 1 UXshell at 184 Market Street

25/2/41 3HE at Chandlersford. Direct hit on house Thornbury. 2 killed, 2 injured and taken to Winchester Hospital. Damage to houses a-1 B-1 C(a) 3 C (b) 1 D 30

?? date 1/3/41 Bombs dropped this evening close to the A33 road destroyed the house of Mr George Smith, an Estate Agent, and killing his mother in law and young daughter.

2/3/41 8 bomb crater open ground east side of and parallel to A33 between Penarth and a point opposite RC church – (may have fallen some time earlier)

3/3/41 5HE in Kingsway 2 houses totally destroyed. Gas and water service pipes damaged.

Straddled main road 1 ¾ miles n of Eastleigh. No casualties.

3/3/41 Bombs fell on or close to allotments off Boyatt Lane.

5/3/41 British Lysander aeroplane crashed in Travis and Arnold timber yard. Timber fired. 2 aviators killed. 2 sappers injured by exploded petrol tank.

10/3/41 Incendiaries hit Passfield Avenue and a part of Chandler’s Ford. Heavy Damage in Southampton.

11/3/41 Incendiary bomb in open country Chandlers Ford

12/3/41 1 UXB 55y from railway. Line Closed. Mysterious yellow balls in ditch near Flexford Bridge 858418 1 ¼ m NW of CFord.
Report, “These yellow Borlz, after careful examination by OC23BDC, are diagnosed as a new type of yellow fungus.”

Eastleigh Aerodrome SE of Atlantic Park Hostel 2 m S of Eastleigh Rly station. Rendezvous – contact balloon crew close to site (100 y inside Soton Boundary)

13/3/41 Bombs and incendiaries fell on or close to allotments off Boyatt Lane. Walt, Harris and I kept busy assisting in extinguishing the fires. Slight damage to property in Pitmore Road and Maypole Villas.

15/3/41 1 HE on house “The Beeches” at Hook Road 1 ½ m NNW of CFord Railway Station and 1 ½ m SSE of Hursley. House damaged and road blocked by rubble. Electricity and telephone cables down.

7/4/41 Bombs fell about 10.40am in Chandler’s Ford.

8/4/41 UXB exploded in field.

21/6/41 German aerial activity. Land mines dropped over Southampton and Eastleigh area.

22/6/41 Blast of heavy bomb or land mine damaged properties in Locksley Road ¾ m SW of Town Hall. 1 casualty to Winchester hospital.

22/6/42 HE fell early am. Some casualties. Request rendezvous 3 from Pirellis. Several IB causing fire in works. Rolling drills burned out. Tel cable factory badly damaged by fire. “ UXB one in power cable factory dia 36” fins visible. Second in road outside turning shop hole 24 – 30”. No casualties, Fires practically out.

ARP officer reported by speech line “Effect on production of rolling mill out of action for some time. Furnace damaged and fabric of building damaged by blast. Telephone cable shop out of action probably 2-3 months. Depts affected by UXB will operate normally from time of removal of UXB. 10 HE.

25/6/1941 Air-raid tonight and in the early hours of the 26th. Land mines dropped close to Green Grove.

27/6/41 2 PMs in military camp at south end of town ?casualties.

8/7/41 1 Heavy HE 915374 4 HE 914372

17/4/42 1 suspected AA shell in locomotive works of SR adjacent to boiler supplying steam to main works. No casualties.

18/4/42 Within ½ mile of town hall 4 HEs 7 houses demolished. One female killed and 2 females and 2 males slightly injured – one case of shock removed to Winchester hospital (male)

24/6/42 Toynbee Road School (885391) No 6 (c) Regional Reception Camp. Partly destroyed. Cleansing section totally destroyed.

26/10/42 UX shell 891387 (?in rear of High Street)

2/1/43 AA shell from WW1 found. Put in garden of 2 The Nook, St Catherine’s Road – air raid warden’s address. Was covered with sandbags.

9/2/43 Machine gunning N of Allbrook outside of Eastleigh Borough.

16/8/43 Lovely hot day. On duty this evening, Gun Commander, Bofors guns, Pirelli sports ground. While there saw German plane shot down.

17/9/43 Eastleigh 889379 26 Doncaster Road 1UX cannon shell 3 ¼” X ¾” I house slightly damaged roof, ceiling, staircase and floor covering.

19/9/43 Hiltingbury Road 865424
UXB found 1.55h 23/9/45 and taken to Eastleigh Police Station.

26/6/43 Near Eastleigh 2 HE in water meadows, Allington Manor Farm

14/5/44 Air raid tonight. A great amount of gun fire. I saw a plane shot down in the direction of Morestead.

16/5/44 Alert sounded. Planes overhead, probably on reconnaissance.

15/7/44 Night raid. Bombs fell in Fairoak area. Our dog’s mother ran frightened from the house at Fair Oak and gave birth to her pups at the side of the road. Bruce, our dog, being one of these puppies (NN).

Do let us know if you have any more information about any of these incidents.

Researching CFord History

If you are interested in joining us to research Chandler's Ford history then come along to our workshops held in Chandler's Ford library once a month. No experience needed. The dates for 2006 are Tuesday 13th June, 11th July, 8 August, 12th September, 10th October, 14th November 10am-12md. All welcome